Venom Movie Successful Comeback Enemy of Spiderman

New Venom movie is without a doubt a total comeback after some disappointing appearance in SpiderMan 3. Director Ruben Fleischer’s Venom will be given a chance to redeem himself as it was a failure in the past. Now this time around, Venom will be alone by himself as anti-hero, but he will be facing powerful symbiotes which will hunt him down. While the movie will not be for all audiences, that is why it is R-13 rated movie considering there are kids who wish to watch the movie but kids below 13 will need parental guidance.

Of course in case parents allow their kids to watch the movie, be sure to guide them of what they are seeing. One of the anticipated things about the movie is the action and battles between symbiotes. While Venom himself is a very powerful symbiote, he has plenty of copies which will become his enemies. Sadly, although there are great moments in different action scenes in which Fleischer showing Venom’s skills and when Eddie and Venom bonded together there are scenes which are extended and might have been shorten. Of course this kind of movie since its focus is on the character of Venom, there will be more scenes by which Eddie and Venom must get along each other while from the beginning they are having any arguments.

The movie is a huge success as Eddie and Venom bonded together. The journey of Venom begins in a very complicated way yet in the long run, he manages to get along with his new environment along with the help of his human hosts Eddie.
You will always experience great entertainment about the movie because aside from being anti-hero character, there are plenty of funny moments especially when you follow the conversations. So if you want to know more about the story, then it is time to watch the movie in your local theater or you can check out Venom streaming for free, when you want to view it online.

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom- The Long Wait Is Over

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is from universal records and if you want to get more information on this movie you can always go to Universal pictures site the second installment of Jurassic World 2015 that receives a lot of criticisms. While there are fans that enjoyed it, there are also a lot who doesn’t. Maybe the movie wasn’t able to market well. And the adventure continues with the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which will be seen on theaters June 22, 2018. Hopefully this time, and it will be a great movie.

Prepare for another huge movie from Universal Pictures, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which starred once again the witty Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, together with these two big stars will continue to play their respective roles as Own Grady and Claire Dearing. Another good thing we can hear from this movie is the return of our old school Jurassic Park actor Jeff Goldblum who will play the rule of Dr. Ian Malcolm, a significant character who has been doing movies like this. We know that he has let our heart pound because of his experience with the dinosaurs. Furthermore we can also see some significant cast like Geraldine Chaplin, Justice Smith, Ted Levine, James Cromwell, Daniella Pineda, and B.D. Wong. The movie is co-written by Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow. Trevorrow would like to be the director of the movie, but the studio has replaced him with Juan Antonio Bayona.

Even at the making of the first installment, Trevorrow was revealing the idea to make the second installment of Jurassic movie. This time around, the park is gone, while those dinosaurs are now scattered everywhere, in places where they shouldn’t be. They are everywhere in the dangerous Island filled with smokes and active volcano is about to blow. In the teaser, the dinosaur resting on the roof, child’s room and they blend as well with the wild animals. I don’t know if they can continue living with the wild. Nonetheless this movie will focus mainly on how to save these huge dinosaurs from dying after the island was predicted to be destroyed by the volcano in it.

This time around, the movie is no longer focusing on the island. We don’t know yet what is the role of Ian (Goldlum) in the movie, why he is there as a doctor, it’s just that we see him discussing about the situation; maybe he has a big position which will need his intervention or reason.

In the movie, you get to see the revival of the most deadly predators of the planet. They make the movie gone too far in order to please the millennials. There are changes in the DNA of the dinosaurs which will become more intelligent and deadly. While we can only see the initial theme of the movie, I’m sure there will be more to it than meets the eye. It is expected that the movie will become a blockbuster especially when the producers learn their mistake from the past. We will just have to wait for the initial release of the movie this June 7 2018. We will be seeing Owen once more, he was hired for another job which will cause him to go back to the Island of Nublar, and the island is not what it seems and as they are back in the place they found themselves in danger against the rage of the Island and the dangerous dinosaur.

As anticipated, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom streaming français is one of the upcoming movies of 2018 which will frighten us. It has a fresh footage with an opening scene filled with adrenaline rush. This movie is full as well with humor and drama. So this is gonna be huge in the movie theater.

The 100 Review And 5 W’s

Okay the movie series The 100 is back in its season 5. So for those who have not seen the first season and the previous ones, then let me give you a recap of what is this series is all about. So let’s begin with 5 Ws to ask for.

Who. We will begin with the story involves with the people of the Earth who are now living in the space station in space because the Earth is no longer a safe place to live. Although the people in the space station has some problems with their teenagers and need to deal them and putting them in prison. In a short time it work, but as time goes by the movie series features that the council of the space station must minimize the population and must sent 100 teenagers back to Earth to check if it is habitable.

Where. The movie series The 100 features two places one out of space and planet Earth. Sounds so high-tech in the distant future and just like any movie series is like the movie series The Walking Dead who is fighting for supremacy since there a psycho leader of the people. Same also with The 100 as the teenagers who are not under any leadership or any laws, just started to do whatever they want, nonetheless the good guys wanted order, but will have conflict against another teenager but later they have to face greater threat.

Why. Now that the teenagers are united to deal their enemy. Okay wait we thought that they are just 100 teenagers people who are in the planet sent by the people of the space station. Nope, they got it wrong because after the Earth was abandoned by people on Earth due to toxic. The Earth was exposed to nuclear bombs and because of that Earth is not a safe place for people to live but when the nuclear bomb exploded most people are now living on the space station.

When. Now that the council of the space station thinks that it is time send 100 juvenile kids to test the Earth, to find out if it safe to dwell there. And so The 100 people arrived and found out that there are not alone. The main character and her allies must become strong and turn into adults in order to fight the dangerous people of the Earth in order to survive. Currently The 100 is in its season 4 and it is now finished and fans are so excited for the coming of The 100 season 5.

What. So what now, will they are plenty of things you can discover from season 1 to season 4 and you can learn that our main character was left alone in the Earth left behind by her friends and she was with a child a survivor of Earth. The adventure of The 100 must continue the change of leader, the battle must be won and good people must fight in order to continue fighting for what is theirs and to trample down tyrants. So if you are following this series it is time to anticipate The 100 season 5.

To watch this  tv series  you need subscription and talking about subscription you can always  search it online as I cant give you the specific site  to recommend. Meanwhile if you live in france and youre a big fan of this opera try the the 100 saison 5 streaming episode. By doing so you can find site that offer that  of course there are payment subscription to watch that its not free because the producers is paying big amount of money to make this series possible



Vikings Saga Continues in Season 5

Let’s celebrate everybody, the Vikings season 5 is here, are you excited about it? If you are a follower of the Vikings series we have known this series in a long time now, but still it got our taste, The reason why this shows continue its because people keep watching it and its very profitable according HISTORY that is why they have never stop product another Season of the Show.

credit: History

If you want to know the latest happening of Vikings Season 5 and regarding the new episodes of Vikings Season 5 especially it’s started with Ragnar Lothbrok and his bizarre friend who have helped him in his quest to gather food and loots in order to survive. Although they have their own leader Earl Haraldson who give them orders where they should get any loots and plunder. Nonetheless Ragnar who is an adventurer is sick and tired about the leadership of Earl and he must defy his command and secretly created a boat with the help of his friend Floki to raid as far as the Island of England.

There are plenty of things they have encountered in the series  and according to Eric Kain  Forbes  contributor he said “he did  enjoy this two-part premiere” and the story is great orchestrated and the actors and actresses of the series are really really for their rule. Of course there are also involve in the series about bloody and gore, since the plot of the series involves badass fighting and skirmishes from time to time. To make the story short, for those who have not seen the Vikings season and up to the current you will not regret following this great movie series. And to those who continually following this series, we know we end up the death of Ragnar and Floki is somewhere else.



And in the Vikings Season 5 we have seen the episode 1 how there will be civil war. And this time around it will be a more bloody Vikings wars and the struggle who will be the rightful heir of the throne of the Kingdom where Ragnar was sitting and now he is dead his subordinates and sons are in war. Lagertha Lothbrok the wife of Ragnar will go to the battle to fight for her rights as the queen of the Vikings.

For now we can watch the series weekly  and also for people from EU and France you can check out some site online and make sure you don’t miss each episode. However, if you want to see the Vikings Season 5 in streaming especially if you are in France area we have a wonderful source of Vikings Season 5 streaming online. Since Ragnar is dead, our new guy Bjorn who will be fighting against another Vikings for the throne, this is gonna be a very exciting Vikings season 5.


You can hope to see new plot and twists in the movie series. You can as well choose to hope who you want to stay alive in the movie series or who you want to be eliminated but of course this only depends on the story. Feel the excitement or despair in the movie touching you as a viewer, you never know what’s going to happen in the movie series but one thing is certain this is going to be a long Vikings battle that will entertain us.

Netflix Why You Have To Subscribe

Renting movies are very popular these days especially in US, but the best way to test the services is to register in Netflix free trial. In this content, you will learn information about a free one month membership and you will also understand details how Netflix works.

Now for free trial, you have to expect that later this will expire. Before you sign up the free trial you should understand if some members of your household have been a Netflix member within a year, you cannot be qualified to sign up for free membership trial. In addition those who endeavor to become member of the free trial you will be given one movie only at a time of use, nonetheless you can as well view an unlimited streaming movies through their website.

For your information Netflix has big library of movies and TV shows like hundreds of thousands in figure which are available in Blu-ray disc and DVD. For subscriber you are given a charge of 2 dollars every month when renting Blu-ray movies. Getting more movies from 1 up to 8 pieces will vary upon subscription plan. The good thing about this renting movies, after you subscribe, the DVDs are delivered to your home like a mail and you may return the DVDs by just simply dropping them to your mailbox and by the way postage is for free. After the Netflix learn that you have returned what you rented, the next movie which you have requested will be shipped out to you as well. You don’t have to worry waiting about your request since it will be mailed to you in a day because Netflix has hundred plus shipping station all over United States. In case you have return the movie very late there will not give you any charge. The moment you receive a movie, you may view it and return right there and then or you may keep it for many days.

If you are a subscriber Netflix will let you have few choices how to watch their DVDS or Blu-ray discs. The basic choice is to get movie via mail and view it in your DVD and Blup-ray player. If you have an internet connection in your home you can connect it to your Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii; and watch streaming movies on your monitor. This also works on your PC and Mc, although there are limited choices of films for quick viewing compare to movies sent via mail. Netflix offer pricing plan. If you are a monthly subscriber of Netflix they will give you pricing plan options. So whatever you avail, the services and the benefits may vary from what kind of pricing plan you choose.


Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire – A game or a toy?

Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

It’s cute, yellow and cuddly — and now you can talk to it! One of the games that we were quite frankly afraid of at this year’s E3 was the one that featured the cutest critter ever to grace Nintendo — Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. These game features a first in Nintendo gaming: a feature that lets players interact with Pokemon on a verbal level. And that’s simply frightening.

Not necessarily in the “we’re going to die” sense, but more in the “we’re about to lose our lunch and get hooked on something mortifying” sense. Because, truth be told, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire rom are one of our heroes. And we’re pretty excited to get a chance to talk to the electric rat. No, we’re not wetting our pants in glee at the prospect — but it does look like it’ll be pretty cool.

The game has been out in Japan for some time, and reportedly Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire really does react negatively when someone says “Nintendo” (or more accurately, “Nintend” — seriously, that’s how you have to pronounce it to make Pika mad). The game really isn’t a game at all — it’s more of a toy. Those who wish to interact with the Pokemon simply hold down the trigger and speak into their Nintendo 3DS; when they let go a bubble of speech shoots out at Pokemon. Players can be nice or mean, and Pokemon will react differently. You can train the critter to perform tricks and even join in on the fun when Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire meets up with some buddies.

Ultimately, this isn’t exactly the most awe-inspiring game coming down the line. But Nintendo definitely knows how to capitalize on a good thing, and the Pokemon franchise has been very good to the company. We expect this product to sell like hotcakes on Pokemon’s looks alone — but we’re also assuming that there will be some pretty innovative gameplay. At least we can hope. We’ll find out when the title ships internationally. In the meantime, here are some pretty pictures of a 3D of the game.

More than just a simulation game – SimCity Buildit


Back in 2014, EA developed SimCity Buildit . At the time, both 3D games and the city building genre were quite outdated, and the result was a classic mobile game of simulation. Originally titled Simcity Mobile, SimCity Buildit was the first game to use fully 3D elements on a prerendered background. It also took advantage of the cutting-edge of the day advantage of mobile devices of today.

EA is hoping to recapture that experience with this mobile, this time as the publisher. Maxis is taking over the development duties, and from what we saw from a recent build, is doing an admirable job of capturing the basic feel of the original. But unlike the previous version of SimCity, Buildit will be coming out for a wide variety of platforms, both on iOS and Android.

The story continues from the original game… sort of. In SimCity Buildit, players took control of a city as a mayor. But in this game, everything has been updated. Gamers still control the city, only this time more on management. Also updated this time around are the amazing graphics. Maxis has been working hard to develop a proprietary lighting system that makes the shadows and light utterly convincing. While we only saw a few of the more than 1,200 prerendered backgrounds, they looked almost photographic in their detail. Just as impressive are the subtle segues between the in-game play and the profession CG cutscenes.

And just as smooth as the graphics is the clean interface. While we moved about in the standard mode, no graphics or interface cluttered up the screen.They were slight and almost transparent, but they provided plenty of information in a hurry. That sort of minimal interference between the game and the gamer seems to be a hallmark of Maxis’ approach to the project.

The gameplay itself should be familiar to fans of original SimCity series, as well as other titles. Moving your 3D city through the prerendered environment is a snap with a screen, and the intelligent camera system was always well positioned in the action we saw. The gameplay is going to be a balance of both simulation and management solving, with an emphasis on management that fit into the tone of the game. Saving games on the mobile will be handled via amulets that have to be discovered, but, once found, will allow games to be saved anywhere. Players, however, should be able to save anywhere at will.

It’s a beautiful-looking game so far, and Maxis promises us that SimCity Buildit will be ready for an update next month. Since the last SimCity game came out 3 years ago, there is some question whether the series has much clout among gamers. And the market is a lot more crowded with horror games these days than it was back then. But Maxis is taking its time with this one, and if the version we saw is an indication of the final product, we’re looking forward to being alone again.

Ambitious Boom Beach by SuperCell

You know a game is ambitious when it can be put into several different categories. Boom Beach, from Supercell, began life as a technology research project for a massively RTS online game. Originally entitled Boom, the game has evolved to become a massively RTS, squad-based, island combat sim with realtime strategy elements. If done right, Boom Beach could be one of those games that is so immersive and complex players will start selling their plasma to support their habit.

At first glance, Boom Beach looks like a typical base building game. Players get to choose from a variety of troops and use them through attacking islands. It’s the addition of these realtime strategy elements that makes Boom Beach so interesting. Teams must make important decisions about mining, technology and even reconnaissance. All the players receive a periodic wage in the form of diamonds that they can use to research new ships and weapons on their own, or they can choose to pool the resources.

The ability to play as simply the defender, or better yet, the commander, opens Boom Beach to players who don’t have those mad dogfighting skills or are hampered by poor connections. Would-be commanders can view the entire theatre of action from the game’s ingenious command screen, then bark out orders using the built-in voice commands. But space Pattons aren’t tied down to their command mode. All players can move in and out of the various roles. Besides commander and investor, there will be a choice in a lot of game features. on the Boom Beach features and its hack.

As if that isn’t involved enough, there is an actual backstory that effects gameplay. Boom Beach takes place in the 21st century after an enormous asteroid has struck the Earth. In an effort to escape the cosmic doom, some of humanity is able to escape into deep archipelago. The result is a sort of space Diaspora where three separate groups band together to form factions. Each of the three groups has a distinct technology tree, which will force gamers to adjust to different research rates, weapons or armament.

SuperCell is hoping most players will prefer to do their flying on the zone, where, for a little extra scratch, players will be able to enjoy more features like an added civilization, massive multiplayer support, and individual or squad rankings. However, the full stand-alone game will ship with server support right out of the box, so there won’t be any problem with finding a welcoming galaxy near you. It’s a big game, and judging by our screen shots, it looks pretty sweet already. But the question remains whether the game is going to draw well among both realtime strategy fans and RTS fanatics.

Antaeus Rising – RETROSPECT

Back in the three-button days of 16-bit games, EA put out a fun little shooter called Desert Strike. It was an isometric thumb buster that spawned a couple of sequels and some fond memories here. The PC got a version in ’94, and a similar game will be heading our way this summer.

Antaeus Rising is a new tactical shooter from UK developers Rage (Incoming). Players take control of a futuristic aircraft carrier/creator in a series of assaults on a small chain of manmade islands. The story begins in 2032, with the world supposedly finally at peace. However, a cabal of those grumpy old-school powermongers is tired of waiting for this whole peace craze to blow over and wants to get back to the warm glow of a war economy.

That’s when the fun starts. According to the game’s producer, Dan Kingdom, “You, as the player, are essentially the ‘Antaeus,’ which is a super cruiser that was sunk 20 years ago in the last great war.” This nifty little boat is equipped with a special nanotech reactor engine that converts the wreckage of vehicles and buildings into shiny new weapons. As in Pandemic Studio’s Battlezone, scavengers are used to crawl the landscape and gather the debris to be returned to the Antaeus. Energy is the only resource in the game, and it is, naturally, infinitely renewable.

Another infinitely renewable resource in the game is the Soul Catcher chip. Basically, these are small key cards that contain the personalities of dead soldiers and must be plugged in to various vehicles. There are only 10 in the game, and each has a unique nationality and set of abilities. The American, for example, may be an exceptional tank driver, while the Brit is a first-class ‘copter pilot. So part of the strategy will be choosing the right man (or chip) for the job.

If one of those vehicles is destroyed in combat, players simply create another chip and vehicle in the reactor core and get back out there to the front lines. Throughout the combat, the virtual pilots are constantly jabbering away, taunting the enemy and sometimes each other. They’ll cry out when they’ve spotted the enemy or scream for backup when they are about to die yet again. Kingdom told us that part of the reason why the soul chips are so chatty is that Rage wants to reproduce that feeling of manic, multiplayer combat in what is, at least for now, a single-player only game.

Not only is there a whole lot of talking going on, but there’s a whole lot of blowin’ up as well. Because the game is so near to completion, the graphics engine is done and tweaked out and frankly looks very nice. It contains all the requisite doodads and doohickeys such as 32-bit color, bump mapping, hi-res textures, colored lighting, etc. that demanding technophiles require. The engine looks roughly familiar but is actually quite new. “It’s not even the Incoming engine by Rage,” said Kingdom, “After Incoming, they vowed to make a game with actual gameplay,” he laughs. In addition to the detailed models and colorful explosions, there is an environmental system that passes quickly from night to day, with storm fronts coming in and clearing out. And if you shoot down an enemy plane at sea, it will likely wash up on a nearby shore.

But, as Incoming nicely demonstrated, spiffy visuals are nothing in the service of tedious gameplay. Rage hopes to counter that this time with what Kingdom calls an equal emphasis on strategy and action. “It’s really up to the player on how to play the game,” he says, “Whether they want to play a more strategic version or just simply grab a tank and starting mowing everything down.” There are, therefore, two basic gameplay screens, the first of which is the command screen aboard the Antaeus. Players select among the 14 or 15 different vehicles, outfit it from a choice of 8 different weapons, slap on some armor, and then choose a soul-catcher chip. From there, gamers can set waypoints or choose targets to attack on the map and then sit back and watch the action unfold in little pop-up windows.

Of course, playing an action game from the tactical screen is like preferring soft on Showtime to the real thing. Gamers will want to get out there and put their hands on things to things of Clash Royale cheats caliber for unlimited gems. The setup is cemented to a keyboard/mouse layout, and players will not be able to remap the keys. “We want the gamer to be able to hop smoothly from helicopter to tank to hovercraft without having to worry about key changes,” says Kingdom. The camera is also fixed in place, with no way for the player to adjust the angle or level of zoom, although the camera will have a slightly different placement for each vehicle.

As Kingdom played, the similarities to the Desert Strike series were apparent. Although that game was played from an isometric perspective, Antaeus Rising has a very similar angle from behind the helicopter or tank. The action is fast and jittery with volleys of missiles lighting up the landscape like so many Roman candles. Kingdom even told us of one interesting strategy where he had trouble destroying a heavily fortified warehouse. He left the battle and went to the docks to airlift in an oil truck, which he then deposited next to the warehouse. One simple shot at the truck and his problems were solved with an enormous fireball.

If only the rest of life’s problems could be solved with a raging fireball. But Antaeus Rising has got other concerns to address. There aren’t very many weapons or vehicles to choose from, so the depth of strategy play is unclear. We’re not sure if that Soul chips idea is going to work, and there is no multiplayer component at all, although Rage has not completely ruled out the possibility.

But there are enough good ideas here to keep us interested. There are 21 stages in AR, and, thankfully, Rage has had the good sense to let gamers save anywhere. There is going to be a demo just before the game is released some time this summer. We’re always looking for more things to legally blow up, and, judging by these screen shots, we’re going to get our fill with Antaeus Rising.

Selective Focus – A must in Photography

Now you might say to yourself,why I stopped on this road? Is it to shoot close ups of those yellow flowers? And the answer is no, but sort of, not quite, maybe. Actually why I’ve stopped was because of that lone tree on the dike here in West Friesland, Holland. As I mentioned I’m here on a dike you can clearly see. I’m in West Friesland, Holland about 45 minutes north of Amsterdam,and the challenge that I am presenting to you today is simply this: selective focus. Which when done correctly in a situation like this,will allow you to get down low, that’s step number one, and then utilizing the flowers themselves as little points to create mergers with the busy background of those houses.

So you’d be moving around here too noticing the butter cups, in this case, or yellow dandelion’s.And how they line up and hide that somewhat busy background beyond the tree.You will be shooting an aperture around 5.6. Focal length in this case is at 35-50mm range. And subsequently we’re gonna end up with a lone tree in what appears to be a meadow of massive amounts of yellow flowers, and again hiding all those houses and distractions in the background when combined with alow point of view, and utilizing the flowers as a way to block those houses.

I’m gonna get down low here and there is the tree. This beautiful already.Moving over just a a bit this way. That one white house is a small problem.Now it’s gone. Click, and take a look at that.Pretty simple stuff. Again selective focus, 5.6 keeps the field limited to the focused tree, and all that foreground that we see there is nothing more than out of focus yellow flowers. You’re racing off to the tulips.Great idea but in your haste to get there don’t overlook someone of the least and not so obvious photographic opportunities as well. Until next time this is Bryan Petersen saying you keep shooting.