Netflix Why You Have To Subscribe

Renting movies are very popular these days especially in US, but the best way to test the services is to register in Netflix free trial. In this content, you will learn information about a free one month membership and you will also understand details how Netflix works.

Now for free trial, you have to expect that later this will expire. Before you sign up the free trial you should understand if some members of your household have been a Netflix member within a year, you cannot be qualified to sign up for free membership trial. In addition those who endeavor to become member of the free trial you will be given one movie only at a time of use, nonetheless you can as well view an unlimited streaming movies through their website.

For your information Netflix has big library of movies and TV shows like hundreds of thousands in figure which are available in Blu-ray disc and DVD. For subscriber you are given a charge of 2 dollars every month when renting Blu-ray movies. Getting more movies from 1 up to 8 pieces will vary upon subscription plan. The good thing about this renting movies, after you subscribe, the DVDs are delivered to your home like a mail and you may return the DVDs by just simply dropping them to your mailbox and by the way postage is for free. After the Netflix learn that you have returned what you rented, the next movie which you have requested will be shipped out to you as well. You don’t have to worry waiting about your request since it will be mailed to you in a day because Netflix has hundred plus shipping station all over United States. In case you have return the movie very late there will not give you any charge. The moment you receive a movie, you may view it and return right there and then or you may keep it for many days.

If you are a subscriber Netflix will let you have few choices how to watch their DVDS or Blu-ray discs. The basic choice is to get movie via mail and view it in your DVD and Blup-ray player. If you have an internet connection in your home you can connect it to your Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii; and watch streaming movies on your monitor. This also works on your PC and Mc, although there are limited choices of films for quick viewing compare to movies sent via mail. Netflix offer pricing plan. If you are a monthly subscriber of Netflix they will give you pricing plan options. So whatever you avail, the services and the benefits may vary from what kind of pricing plan you choose.


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