Vikings Saga Continues in Season 5

Let’s celebrate everybody, the Vikings season 5 is here, are you excited about it? If you are a follower of the Vikings series we have known this series in a long time now, but still it got our taste, The reason why this shows continue its because people keep watching it and its very profitable according HISTORY that is why they have never stop product another Season of the Show.

credit: History

If you want to know the latest happening of Vikings Season 5 and regarding the new episodes of Vikings Season 5 especially it’s started with Ragnar Lothbrok and his bizarre friend who have helped him in his quest to gather food and loots in order to survive. Although they have their own leader Earl Haraldson who give them orders where they should get any loots and plunder. Nonetheless Ragnar who is an adventurer is sick and tired about the leadership of Earl and he must defy his command and secretly created a boat with the help of his friend Floki to raid as far as the Island of England.

There are plenty of things they have encountered in the series  and according to Eric Kain  Forbes  contributor he said “he did  enjoy this two-part premiere” and the story is great orchestrated and the actors and actresses of the series are really really for their rule. Of course there are also involve in the series about bloody and gore, since the plot of the series involves badass fighting and skirmishes from time to time. To make the story short, for those who have not seen the Vikings season and up to the current you will not regret following this great movie series. And to those who continually following this series, we know we end up the death of Ragnar and Floki is somewhere else.



And in the Vikings Season 5 we have seen the episode 1 how there will be civil war. And this time around it will be a more bloody Vikings wars and the struggle who will be the rightful heir of the throne of the Kingdom where Ragnar was sitting and now he is dead his subordinates and sons are in war. Lagertha Lothbrok the wife of Ragnar will go to the battle to fight for her rights as the queen of the Vikings.

For now we can watch the series weekly  and also for people from EU and France you can check out some site online and make sure you don’t miss each episode. However, if you want to see the Vikings Season 5 in streaming especially if you are in France area we have a wonderful source of Vikings Season 5 streaming online. Since Ragnar is dead, our new guy Bjorn who will be fighting against another Vikings for the throne, this is gonna be a very exciting Vikings season 5.


You can hope to see new plot and twists in the movie series. You can as well choose to hope who you want to stay alive in the movie series or who you want to be eliminated but of course this only depends on the story. Feel the excitement or despair in the movie touching you as a viewer, you never know what’s going to happen in the movie series but one thing is certain this is going to be a long Vikings battle that will entertain us.

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