The 100 Review And 5 W’s

Okay the movie series The 100 is back in its season 5. So for those who have not seen the first season and the previous ones, then let me give you a recap of what is this series is all about. So let’s begin with 5 Ws to ask for.

Who. We will begin with the story involves with the people of the Earth who are now living in the space station in space because the Earth is no longer a safe place to live. Although the people in the space station has some problems with their teenagers and need to deal them and putting them in prison. In a short time it work, but as time goes by the movie series features that the council of the space station must minimize the population and must sent 100 teenagers back to Earth to check if it is habitable.

Where. The movie series The 100 features two places one out of space and planet Earth. Sounds so high-tech in the distant future and just like any movie series is like the movie series The Walking Dead who is fighting for supremacy since there a psycho leader of the people. Same also with The 100 as the teenagers who are not under any leadership or any laws, just started to do whatever they want, nonetheless the good guys wanted order, but will have conflict against another teenager but later they have to face greater threat.

Why. Now that the teenagers are united to deal their enemy. Okay wait we thought that they are just 100 teenagers people who are in the planet sent by the people of the space station. Nope, they got it wrong because after the Earth was abandoned by people on Earth due to toxic. The Earth was exposed to nuclear bombs and because of that Earth is not a safe place for people to live but when the nuclear bomb exploded most people are now living on the space station.

When. Now that the council of the space station thinks that it is time send 100 juvenile kids to test the Earth, to find out if it safe to dwell there. And so The 100 people arrived and found out that there are not alone. The main character and her allies must become strong and turn into adults in order to fight the dangerous people of the Earth in order to survive. Currently The 100 is in its season 4 and it is now finished and fans are so excited for the coming of The 100 season 5.

What. So what now, will they are plenty of things you can discover from season 1 to season 4 and you can learn that our main character was left alone in the Earth left behind by her friends and she was with a child a survivor of Earth. The adventure of The 100 must continue the change of leader, the battle must be won and good people must fight in order to continue fighting for what is theirs and to trample down tyrants. So if you are following this series it is time to anticipate The 100 season 5.

To watch this  tv series  you need subscription and talking about subscription you can always  search it online as I cant give you the specific site  to recommend. Meanwhile if you live in france and youre a big fan of this opera try the the 100 saison 5 streaming episode. By doing so you can find site that offer that  of course there are payment subscription to watch that its not free because the producers is paying big amount of money to make this series possible