Photography is my lifelong passion. I’ve been at it since my college days, when cameras used film and didn’t autofocus… and computers were programmed with punch cards! I would take pictures even if nobody ever saw them. I’ve tried many forms of art with good success but I always come back to the camera. It’s where I belong.

Many of my photographs are of flowers. Flowers are by far my favorite subject matter, whether wildflowers in a field, cultivated flowers in a garden, or cut flowers in a vase. The vivid colors and seemingly endless variety of forms that flowers exhibit provide me with a rich source of subject matter for photographs.

I am also fond of clouds, although they’re much more difficult photographic subjects than flowers. The appearance of clouds changes rapidly, and can go from the sublime to the majestic in a matter of moments. It’s one of the reasons I carry a camera with me almost everywhere I go. You just can’t tell when the opportunity for a great cloud photograph will present itself.

I have a bit of a fascination with photographing barns, too. We have a lot of great old barns in rural Indiana. I also take occasional photographs of landscapes, animals, foliage, rocks, architecture, shells, still lifes, abstracts, and just about anything that catches my fancy.

Nowadays, this blog will also be tackling subjects outside the realm of photography but more of the general ones like gaming, health and other issues of concern.

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