Ambitious Boom Beach by SuperCell

You know a game is ambitious when it can be put into several different categories. Boom Beach, from Supercell, began life as a technology research project for a massively RTS online game. Originally entitled Boom, the game has evolved to become a massively RTS, squad-based, island combat sim with realtime strategy elements. If done right, Boom Beach could be one of those games that is so immersive and complex players will start selling their plasma to support their habit.

At first glance, Boom Beach looks like a typical base building game. Players get to choose from a variety of troops and use them through attacking islands. It’s the addition of these realtime strategy elements that makes Boom Beach so interesting. Teams must make important decisions about mining, technology and even reconnaissance. All the players receive a periodic wage in the form of diamonds that they can use to research new ships and weapons on their own, or they can choose to pool the resources.

The ability to play as simply the defender, or better yet, the commander, opens Boom Beach to players who don’t have those mad dogfighting skills or are hampered by poor connections. Would-be commanders can view the entire theatre of action from the game’s ingenious command screen, then bark out orders using the built-in voice commands. But space Pattons aren’t tied down to their command mode. All players can move in and out of the various roles. Besides commander and investor, there will be a choice in a lot of game features. on the Boom Beach features and its hack.

As if that isn’t involved enough, there is an actual backstory that effects gameplay. Boom Beach takes place in the 21st century after an enormous asteroid has struck the Earth. In an effort to escape the cosmic doom, some of humanity is able to escape into deep archipelago. The result is a sort of space Diaspora where three separate groups band together to form factions. Each of the three groups has a distinct technology tree, which will force gamers to adjust to different research rates, weapons or armament.

SuperCell is hoping most players will prefer to do their flying on the zone, where, for a little extra scratch, players will be able to enjoy more features like an added civilization, massive multiplayer support, and individual or squad rankings. However, the full stand-alone game will ship with server support right out of the box, so there won’t be any problem with finding a welcoming galaxy near you. It’s a big game, and judging by our screen shots, it looks pretty sweet already. But the question remains whether the game is going to draw well among both realtime strategy fans and RTS fanatics.